Van Brunt Stillhouse takes a time honored traditional approach to distilling. Sourcing wheat, rye and corn directly from upstate New York farmers. Making every spirit from scratch in the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn. Our family of whiskeys give a nod to classic styles while remaining innovative, creating bold and flavorful spirits. read more . .

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Bar and Tasting Room at VBS

"Spicy rye whiskey, smoky corn whiskey, and smooth wheated bourbon are some of the craft spirits you might encounter at this Red Hook distillery, where the tasting room has evolved into one of the nautical neighborhood’s most convivial bars" - NY Magazine "The Absolute Best Distilleries to Drink at in New York"


MOONGARITA - VBS Rye Moonshine, lime, orange and spice infused agave nectar

BAY ST. ICED TEA - VBS American Whiskey, rooibos concentrate, lemon, lemongrass honey

OLD FASHIONED - VBS Rye or Bourbon Whiskey, VBS Aromatic Bitters, cane sugar, lemon twist

IMPALA - VBS American Whiskey, Gun Hill Pils, lemon, raw cane syrup. 

beer wine and cider

Gun Hill IPA 

Gun Hill 1776 Pils

Nine Pin Cider 

Red Hook Winery Wines





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