Upon receipt of your payment, Van Brunt Stillhouse will provide you with a certificate of sponsorship.  New make whiskey will be produced and when your barrel is filled, we will provide you with a photo of your barrel and it’s serial number.  Van Brunt Stillhouse will fill your barrel to capacity, however, cannot guarantee the volume of whiskey after the aging period (evaporation does occur).  In the event that Van Brunt Stillhouse defaults on the terms of this agreement, you shall hold a lien on contents of the barrel bearing your serial number.  This lien shall constitute your sole remedy.   Technically, you are not buying whiskey at this time.  You are purchasing the right to buy whiskey at a later date.  When the barrel has finished aging, we will issue a credit for the entire purchase price of the barrel and you will be given a credit to purchase the bottles of finished whiskey from our tasting room. (This accounting parlor game is required to adhere to state and federal regulations.)