Barrel Sponsorship


We are proudly offering personal whiskey barrels once again.

For a limited time, the Stillhouse will produce a 10 gallon barrel of whiskey for anyone interested in sponsoring a barrel.  For $2595, we will produce a rye, malt or American whiskey (your choice) and fill a barrel with new make spirit at 60% ABV.  We'll hold it in your name in our warehouse for up to 2 years.  You will be welcome to come and "visit" your barrel and experience it's development over time.

When it's ready, the Stillhouse will bottle it to your specifications and label it with Van Brunt Stillhouse labels. (for an additional fee, we can produce a custom label for you)

Depending on how it's bottled and what the angels take, each 10 gallon barrel can produce around 50-70 750ml bottles of whiskey.

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